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Leverage the power of AI to capture and connect all your customer activity to enable actionable insights and a 360 view of your customers

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How People․ai Delivers Revenue Intelligence for Customer Success

360 View of Customer Engagement

Are you capturing who your CSMs are communicating with? Customer Success teams often have powerful relationships with key stakeholders at your customers which is missing from your CRM.'s AI for Customer Success ensures there is no data loss and that your organization has full visibility into key customer contacts and activities from Day 1.

Identify Customer Challenges & Upsell Opportunities

By powering your early warning systems with accurate inbound and outbound activity data, you become proactive and less reactive when customers show early signs of becoming a churn-risk. Additionally, using natural language processing, can surface potential upsell opportunities.

Track Your CSM’s Time By Account

Do you have accounts that require significant time investment from your team? With’s account-based activity dashboards and reporting, senior leadership can easily discover which of their clients are consuming the most resources, and which ones might be getting neglected.'s AI for Customer Success allows you to monitor CSMs and see if they have touched every one of her accounts every week or month thereby preventing “dropped balls” from customer neglect.

Customer Engagement Index Based on Activity

How long is it taking for your customers to respond to you? Are you proactive and monitoring or reactive and waiting until renewal? Using quantitative and qualitative data, allows you to predict the health of a customer through their engagement. With reporting, CSM leadership can monitor trends in customer responsiveness and apply retention strategies in order to prevent churn.

Understand The Cost of Serving a Customer

Does the labor costs of having your customer outweigh what you're charging them? Are you charging enough for ongoing engagement as well as time and materials? With activity capture, all of your business’s activities, as well as time spent, are attributed to a specific customer allowing you to calculate the true cost of a customer.

Layer Activity Data With Your Product Engagement

Is your CSM team making your product more sticky in their interactions? Are they having the right engagement to increase product adoption? Layering your current product usage data with’s activity data, senior leadership can draw insights and find correlations between CSM activity and product usage.

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