Patented AI Automation for Sales has developed more proprietary IP for RevOps & Intel (ROI) than any other vendor on the planet.

Fuel Teams with Data, Not Doubt

You’ve invested millions to architect, develop, and deploy critical go-to-market systems. But if you’re counting on sales reps to key in the data that makes those systems go, you’ve got a massive problem. puts this issue to rest. We capture business activity from communication and collaboration systems and use it to automatically populate the apps and BI tools sales, marketing, and RevOps count on.


Auto-populating CRM is notoriously difficult. Complex account hierarchies, bad data, ongoing configuration—just a few of the “CRM realities” that break a sync process. That’s why we built SmartMatch™, an AI-powered matching engine that executes 10M+ transactions daily. It links emails, meetings, contacts, and activities to the right accounts and opportunities. Best of all—no more manual data entry.

Think of as an electricity grid, delivering real-time, business activity data that lights up your enterprise systems. With over 40 patents and counting, no vendor has invested more in AI-powered data automation.

How Good Is SmartMatch™?

Head to head, outperforms any other vendor in the market


The emails, meetings, and activities your go-to-market teams generate contain millions of details about prospects and customers such as titles, phone numbers, and locations. uses AI to enhance and transform this data into SmartContacts™. These unique contacts self-update every time new information is uncovered. And they feed directly into CRM and Marketing systems to fuel ABM campaigns and deal strategy.

“I can attest that data has become MORE valuable to our sales team in this climate. Activities are a leading indicator to pipe and we can’t get enough leading indicators right now.” sales ai customer

Scott Holden

Chief Marketing Officer at ThoughtSpot

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