The process to recruit, ramp and develop a successful sales rep is not an easy one. And it certainly isn’t cheap either.

As any sales leader knows, the sooner a rep can start closing, the sooner you’ll start to see ROI on your headcount.

Join us on Thursday, June 1 at 10am PT, for a lively conversation featuring Michael Raab, Head of SMB at Lyft, Ben Daters, VP of Sales at and Nate Gemberling, Director of Sales at Infer. With their combined 28 years of sales leadership experience, they’ve seen it all. From the best of the best, to the worst of the worst.

During the webinar you’ll hear them share their challenges with ramping reps and the strategies they’ve successfully used to decrease ramp time and achieve quotas. Together, they will share 3 ways to quickly ramp sales reps using AI.

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  • Quantify ramp time
  • Maximize a rep’s first week on the job
  • Use data to develop the right ramp plan for your reps

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