There are a lot of elements that go into building a successful company.

The leaders need to be able to see both short term impact and long term benefits of decisions, and then be laser-focused on execution. Employees need to be given the ability to be both independent and accountable. And, in order to achieve growth and success, you need the tools to measure your progress. Most of that is measured through performance data and company goals. However, one thing that is more difficult to measure is how well culture is incorporated into a high growth company.

Culture is more than just a metric. It’s something that is woven into companies through a variety of different ways, from interview training to inclusive groups to team meetings where everyone has a seat at the table. It’s not going to be a one size fits all solution, but we believe in providing different opportunities, forums and events to candidates and employees that will enhance personal and professional connections. We communicate internally through many groups that any employee can join, from diversity to pets, from plants to board games, wellness/fitness, books, travel and more. These groups give our employees a place to share, bond and learn from one another on topics of mutual interest. Our employees also belong to and attend professional organizations/events that support women in technology, the LGBTQ community and mentor programs supporting the underserved population. 

We also get the whole team involved! On Monday, we finished training our executive team and hiring managers on the WHO’, a hiring methodology that enables us to hire “A” talent without introducing bias. Yesterday, inclusion was a key topic of our all-hands when we hosted a celebration for all of our diverse groups and allies as a part of PRIDE month. We also celebrated our leadership team for winning Comparably’s Best Leadership Teams, and our CEO, Oleg Rogynskyy, who was nominated and won recognition as one of Comparably’s Best CEOs for Diversity Awards for small to mid-size companies. Immigration support has also been an important element of our hiring process, and something that is especially personal. Counting examples like these show how we are fostering inclusivity and scaling our growth as an organization.

As companies continue to get smarter with AI, we’ll see jobs change from being a mixture of task-based roles to focusing on knowledge. We know AI will continue to automate tasks to free employees up to focus time on more meaningful work, and at we believe in giving our people that opportunity to keep them engaged and excited about what they are doing. Building and scaling culture are critically important to and we like to think of it as our glue that expands and evolves as we scale. This is defined by what our people need and what we believe is right. 

This is how we are building an amazing company. To join our growing team, visit