At our customers drive our product roadmap. We deliver the features that you ask for. In the past two weeks our CEO, Oleg, has highlighted some of what we’ve built, including our new TV Mode and integration with Okta SSO. But this week I’ve hacked into our WordPress account (shhhh, our little secret) in order to steal the limelight and tell you about the new activity sidebar we’ve shipped!

The best solutions are simple and elegant. When you asked us last week for an easy way to drill down into activity metrics by user we knew we had to deliver something intuitive, yet powerful – and we gave ourselves a week to do it. The result was the new activity sidebar you see below:

Screen Recording 2017-02-02 at 08.21 PM

With’s new activity sidebar you can quickly and easily dive into a team member’s activity history and understand key metrics at the push of a button. Simply click on a team member’s name and you get a detailed breakdown of how they’re dividing their time between various sales activities. By clicking on one of the activity subtypes you can view the exact meetings, emails and calls that a team member has participated in.

We hope you enjoy using our new activity sidebar as much as we’ve enjoyed building it. Please let us know what you think in the comments below. Have a suggestion for how we can make even better? contact us!

Not using already? Get a demo or check out the rest of our blog to see what else we’re working on.