We see our customers as equal partners in the development of our product roadmap. So when some of our power users came to us and said that they wanted to put our data on the office TV, we knew we had to help! These users said People.ai was “one of their main dashboards” and wanted an easy way to share insights across the office.

Today we’re proud to officially announce our TV mode to serve as our customers’ new whiteboard. Teams now have a beautiful, detailed, real-time picture of all sales activity that they can share across the office. Read on to learn about some of TV Mode’s key advantages.

Increased Transparency

  • Get everyone in your organization on the same page and recognize top performing teams and reps. TV Mode gives you the power to showcase activities broken down by team and individual contributor.
  • Highlight team and personal performance. TV Mode creates a winning culture that drives natural competition across the sales floor. This brings out the best in everyone and encourages teams to do their best.
  • Choose exactly what you want to see and when. Our custom rotation cycles allow remote teams to be a part of the local office and delve into metrics from across the organization.
  • Encourage accountability by reviewing personal, team and organization-wide goals on the big screen.

Something for Everyone

  • SDR teams use TV Mode to track metrics and drill down into specific activities across teams and individuals.
  • AE teams track their prospecting activity and see how much time is spent on every opportunity in the pipeline.
  • Account management teams view how many accounts they’re touching and how much effort they are investing in each account.
  • Customer success teams are able to compare response times across the organization in responding to urgent customer requests.

Leverage the Latest Technology and Save Time

  • TV Mode is built to run on the latest HDTVs so you get the clearest, highest resolution, image possible.
  • Leave your laptop or mobile device behind. TV Mode can deliver all of People.ai’s data and dashboards from a simple Chromebit.
  • Start running in seconds as People.ai automatically detects and connects to available devices.
  • Free up IT and sales operations resources by empowering non-technical sales professionals to get the insights they need directly from People.ai.

At People.ai our customers are our number one priority. If you have any questions about using TV Mode, or have a feature that you’d like us to build, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Not a customer yet? We’re glad you came! Get a demo or check out the rest of our blog to see what else we’re working on.