Some of you may know me from my co-founder and CTO role at Smartling. For those of you who don’t, Smartling’s translation management platform uses technology to transform the way content is created and consumed around the world.

Over the course of eight amazing years there, I loved being in the driver’s seat in collaboration with my cofounder Jack Welde. I’m so proud to watch Smartling grow from the ground up—starting with the conversation of two people over a cup of coffee in Greenwich Village, NYC—to an amazing office in the heart of midtown. With an ecosystem of tens of thousands of translators around the world collaborating on Smartling’s platform, translating hundreds of millions of documents. Smartling became one of the most successful late-stage B2B SaaS companies in New York.

But like many entrepreneurs, I had an itch. I had built a fantastic team I trusted and knew would be able to execute on the vision we had for Smartling. Eventually, I knew they could do it with or without me.

And that’s where came in. I’d known Oleg for some time.

His vision and passion for the platform is contagious. We decided to catch up over lunch one day and found ourselves hours later whiteboarding on what the future of the product looked like.

I saw the potential for what was planning to do. And I saw myself as being able to make a big impact in growing the company and wanted in. As an added bonus, joining would allow me to become a part of the Silicon Valley startup community.

I am excited about tackling the engineering challenges we are facing as the company: processing huge amounts of data, using machine learning to solve hard problems, and helping people get better outcomes in their work through the use of technology.

My goal is to build an efficient, modern engineering team and an awesome engineering culture that will evolve the platform. The team is incredible. I can’t wait to see what we can build together.

P.S. We’re currently hiring—check out our open roles!