Dreamforce 2017 Day 1 is a wrap! What a fun day being back at my old stomping grounds of Dreamforce. (though it’s now *way* more people than when I was working on Dreamforce 5+ years ago).

It was a day full of packed breakout sessions, exploring the Expo areas, customer meetings, and – not to be missed – the opening keynote that closed out Day 1. From all of the sessions that our team members attended, and the announcements at the keynote itself, one theme was clear – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way that all of us do (or will do) business.

Early on in the keynote, Marc Benioff stated that “AI is the future of all of applications, and all software.”

That’s quite a bold statement, and we couldn’t agree more.

For anyone who has followed Salesforce.com over the years, the themes of their keynotes and events are almost always thought-provoking as well as several years ahead of where the market is. Think back to previous themes of the Social Enterprise, the Internet of Things, and the shift to mobile productivity platforms. These all came to play in the years that followed, but were relatively new concepts to most companies in terms of how to actually apply them to their business.

This year’s AI (or Einstein) theme follows that same pattern – while AI is certainly a buzzword of late, Salesforce’s evangelism will no doubt help this technological transformation to become standard terminology in the enterprise while it slowly gains actual business adoption. We on the People.ai team are thrilled to see AI at the forefront of the dialogue at Dreamforce this week. Even more so, we’re thrilled to see that what we’ve been building the past two years – an AI platform for data-driven sales and marketing teams – continues to be in lock step with the business challenges that can be uniquely solved with AI, and are excited to continue leading the charge. We had a feeling we were on to something 😉

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