After I left Oracle (via the Eloqua acquisition), I wanted to do something different. I wanted to focus on helping other salespeople achieve success. I wanted to help every salesperson have the skills and tools to build relationships. People buy from people and that isn’t going to change.

When I first met Oleg and the team I was intrigued by the questions they were trying to solve. Questions like “What kind of relationships does a salesperson create – do they text with their prospects/clients?” and “How multithreaded are they in their accounts?”

For me – texting is the ultimate. That’s when you know a relationship has been established.

Understanding a salesperson’s behavior and the way they navigate through their deals can tell you a lot. And if you can find the recipe for success, and repeat it over and over, you’ll be able to scale any business. The hard part comes when you don’t have the opportunity insights to make decisions and you start making decisions based on your gut, not hard data. is giving sales leaders actionable data at an individual rep level, something every sales manager should have.

Why I Invested

As you look at AI and Machine Learning the technology is getting smarter at recognizing patterns and uncovering insights, modeling what “good” looks like. And while the technology can automate a lot of the tactical things we do – it is not emotionally intelligent.

By automating the easy stuff, we will have more time to be more creative, more helpful, and more aware of our relationships.

I first met Oleg back in my Eloqua days. He was an early adopter for marketing automation, a true visionary, a go-first kind of guy. His energy and passion excited me from day one!

When you invest at an early stage, you have to believe in the CEO. And I fully believe in Oleg and his team.

And part of being an investor is making sure your investment has the power to succeed. That’s why I introduced to Nakul Mandan in May 2016 – via Twitter!

Nakul’s vote of confidence in secured my decision to invest. I highly respect and align with his investment thesis, What I look for in an early stage SaaS startup.

Please join me in congratulating them in their Series A – they’re off to do great things!