This post is an excerpt from page 95 of The Ultimate Guide to Winning Sales Conversations

People often say that sales is a numbers game. That’s true, but which numbers? Good salespeople understand that they need to be aware of their metrics and work on constantly improving. What’s harder is to know which metrics to focus on. Should you work on making more cold calls? Sending more emails? Getting more stakeholders to attend your meetings with prospects?

You can’t do everything, so you have to prioritize. The only way you can prioritize effectively is if you have a clear understanding of what actually helps you win. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to find out yourself. Somebody’s probably already done the work for you! Start by finding the top performers on your team. You know who I’m talking about. The eagles who make President’s Club quarter after quarter, year after year. Once you’ve identified these stars dig through your sales analytics to see what they’re doing – how do they spend their day? Chances are that if you start copying their behavior, you’ll start copying their results as well.

Don’t have good sales analytics? No worries. Offer to take your eagles out for coffee and ask them about their approach to sales. What helps them win more deals? What can you do to improve? Trust me, the five dollars you’ll spend on coffee is well worth the extra commission you’ll be making as a result! Do this on every team that you go to. Why? Because a rockstar at one team or company might be focusing on activities that won’t be as effective at another team or company.

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