Who else gets to work for a B2B software company where they are not only an employee, but are also the customer? When asked “Why do you want to work at People.ai” I light up describing how deeply I care about the problems People.ai is solving, because the product is built to solve problems for people like me.

But let me backup and share who I am and what I mean by “people like me.” My background is in the world of sales and marketing operations.

Frankly, I stumbled into operations because I was eager to take any job that would allow me to move to San Francisco. Sales operations isn’t a typical job you seek out after college, but I quickly learned to love the world of processes, data, and technology. 

I actually became a customer of People.ai at my previous company, where my team enabled our sales managers on how to use the app to coach their sales reps. 

Having worked closely with the People.ai team, I knew it was the place I wanted to be for the next step in my career. My first day on the job at People.ai, I eagerly booted up my computer (while drinking a nice cup of coffee) ready to start my new role in Marketing Operations. 

Not only am I a former customer, but now I’m an internal representative of our target persona. Across our Operations, Marketing, and Sales teams, we constantly talk about ‘drinking our own champagne’ and how we can use our own technology every day. 

I personally get to use our own smart-contacts to build target audiences for marketing campaigns, share tips on how to sell to operations teams to the sales reps, and give feedback to the product and engineering teams. I even have the chance to meet with customers, which is rare in an operations role.

Right now I’m using our data to build a ‘marketable contacts’ dashboard in Salesforce that we will roll out to our customers. How cool is that? Normally operations teams work behind-the-scenes, so the fact that I get to make a direct impact for our customers is incredible. 

I joined People.ai not only because I’m a total nerd for our technology and the problems we can solve, but for the people I get to work with. The team is smart, hard working, and caring. They challenge me to bring my A-game everyday, but also recognize when it’s time to pause and have fun together. This is an environment that creates opportunity for growth and a sense of community. There is a reason the company is called People.ai, and it’s because people are at the center of everything we do.

At the end of the day, the reason I joined People.ai for the opportunity to work with incredible people on solving important problems. Do you have similar problems that need solving? Are you also passionate about this topic? Let’s connect! Reach out via email abbey.solnet@people.ai or on LinkedIn