To a marketer, hearing your sales team cherry pick leads is like nails on a chalkboard. You know that while all leads might not be created equal, each one does have potential and most importantly—it cost money.

Unfortunately, cherry picking is commonplace regardless of your industry. But good news! As a data-driven marketer or sales leader, you have the power to stop cherry picking in its tracks.

Below we’ll lay out a few ideas on how to set expectations while putting a process in place to get your team aligned.

Three Habits of Highly Effective Sales Leaders

Salespeople are creatures of habit and usually start cherry picking without even being aware they’re doing it. It’s natural to prioritize, especially in the high-paced realm of sales — automatically filtering for brand recognition or impressive titles. But the result is a massive amount of your funnel not being worked.

We’ve found effective sales leaders have employed a few simple methodologies to keep cherry picking at bay.

Effective sales managers will:
1. Monitor and analyze all sales activities and touch points
2. Set up a process to make sure no lead is being left behind
3. Track team behavior to ensure leads are being treated how they should

The Consequences of Cherry Picking

Good leads are left behind primarily due to sales bias. When given one lead from a Fortune 50 and another from Fortune 1,000, sales is going to gravitate towards the bigger name. The Fortune 50 will be targeted first and the Fortune 1,000 will be pursued at a later point in time.

This could be a fatal mistake. Companies typically evaluate multiple solutions or vendors at once and your competitor may be racing to the Fortune 1,000 before you even make a call.

Use Data to Stop Cherry Picking

Manual data entry leaves room for human error, it’s time consuming and typically the last thing your sales team wants to do.

Automation is the life-saver you didn’t know mattered. Allowing for automated entry ensures the data in your CRM is accurate and up-to-date. As a manager, the guesswork of tracking sales activities is taken out of the picture. can provide the data-driven solution you need. Our founder and CEO, Oleg Rogynskyy shares his inside look at preventing cherry picking in our new e-book, “When Good Leads Die on the Vine.” Download your copy and put an end to cherry picking in your organization.