As I entered the summer between my junior and senior year at The University of Arizona, my goal was to find an exciting new work experience. I had the opportunity to interview at a fast-paced growing startup like which turned out to be the perfect option for me to develop my professional capabilities. I gained new skills, received positive and constructive feedback, and continued to expand my knowledge. 

I joined the team to learn the fundamentals of marketing and integrate myself into the culture of a tech company. I spent the majority of my time working with and learning from the marketing team on internal and external tasks. Aside from my internship, offered me the opportunity to be apart of something larger than myself. The resounding positive company culture rang through everything from energetic people to the “closed won deal” bell.

This internship gave me the opportunity to make impactful contributions to my team as well as develop my personal and professional skill set. These are the areas where I learned the most and had the largest impact. 

  • Team meetings: This gave me insight into the larger marketing program where I observed problem-solving, coordination between roles, and experienced what being on a team entails and the impact of positive collaboration.
  • Media/analyst relations: I supported the development of this program through research and creation of biographies, creating a reference library for use by executives, sales, and the marketing team. Through this program, I enhanced my research skills, my ability to clearly, aesthetically, and precisely present information.
  • Social Media: This included various tasks, including being responsible for managing our social media channels of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. I created an editorial calendar for the duration of my employment and post-departure. In addition to this, I had the responsibility of publishing marketing content to Twitter and developing strategic ways to increase engagement. This entailed doing engagement research and conducting competitive analysis. Through this experience, I learned to be VERY careful of details when sharing any content externally.
  • Newsletters:  I created a weekly internal newsletter which consisted of five relevant stories about the SaaS and AI industries. This helped me enhance my writing, comprehension, and critical thinking skills needed to quickly digest and summarize articles from credible sources. It gave me the responsibility of keeping the company up to speed on industry news while allowing me the opportunity to be visible during my time at 

Internships have the tendency to have a reputation for coffee runs, filing, and other tedious tasks. For me, working for was a stimulating experience where I had the opportunity to develop professionally through challenging but attainable responsibilities while gaining real-life exposure to the organization and potential career paths. Working for a fast-paced company like required me to be resourceful, think fast, and to catch on even more quickly. Being open to feedback, continuously striving to improve, and coming up with innovative ideas was the key to my success. I was intimidated to try something new, and I felt this internship was the best way to grow and prepare me for future career opportunities. Thank you for the great summer! 

This blog was written by our amazing summer intern, Taressa Soto.
Thank you Taressa, and good luck in school!