’s CEO Oleg Rogynskyy recently sat down with UK tech journalist Guy Clapperton, and James Ewing of Digital Workforce, to record an episode of Guy’s podcast, ‘The Near Futurist’. Oleg, James, and Guy discuss all things AI and automation and look at the hot topics surrounding these technologies and how they may impact businesses in the not so distant future.

Myth-busting: Will AI steal jobs from humans? 

It’s a question that comes up in every AI conversation:  Will AI take jobs away from people? Oleg put this widespread myth to rest. 

“Using AI and automation technology does not steal jobs, it does the opposite; it frees up a great deal of time for people to work on value-added tasks because AI and automation execute the repetitive, less meaningful tasks,” Oleg said. He goes on to explain how, for example, this has increased job satisfaction in the healthcare industry and among employees of organizations that automated some of their tasks. “With AI, it’s like having a co-pilot sitting next to you. It augments human jobs by analyzing data and providing insight into the next best course of action.” 

Should AI be able to explain itself?  

Another new topic popping up in the AI world is a concept called ‘explainability’, which suggests that AI should not only make decisions but be able to explain how and why a specific decision was made. “This concept allows regulation and unbiased use of AI solutions. It is an extremely niche area of the current AI conversation at this point, but as the space is maturing, we will expect the minimum explainability requirements for allAI-made decisions to increase,” said Oleg.

Listen to the full podcast episode for more about the latest in AI