Ben Daters, VP Sales,

At our focus is on helping sales teams reach their full potential. So there’s no more important position for us to fill than our own VP of Sales – the person who’s going to lead our sales team and bring our message of transparency to market. We wanted someone with a great deal of knowledge in this space and a proven track record of success in both closing deals and building sales teams. Fortunately, we found the right person in Ben Daters and are proud to welcome him as’s VP of Sales.

Ben comes to us following six years as a top performer at Marketo. At Marketo Ben was consistently promoted as he climbed the ranks starting as an SDR, to AE, Sales Manager and Director of Sales. During his tenure at the company Ben closed more deals than any salesperson in the history of Marketo, authored a piece on how to advance as a salesperson and designed a unique methodology for closing deals.

Bill Binch, Managing Director of Marketo Australia and New Zealand and SVP of Worldwide Sales during Ben’s tenure at Marketo, described Ben “as someone who’s done it all. Ben was the fastest SDR to AE promotion we’ve ever had, and came through blazing a trail for himself as the rep that closed the most deals in the history of Marketo. He then went on to manage one of the top producing teams of AE’s as a Manager and then as a Director of Sales. Ben is a talent magnet who attracted A level people to the organization and helped ramp reps fast to closing their first deals. is lucky to have him, and he’ll clearly be bringing his winning sales methodology along with him.”

When asked why he eventually decided to leave Marketo, Ben noted that he had always been very passionate about coaching and finding ways to improve the overall performance of his sales teams. A lot of the challenges in growing a mature sales organization are being solved by, and with Ben’s experience tackling these first-hand, we’re building it in a way that’s guaranteed to make sales leaders more successful.

When he met our CEO, Oleg Rogynskyy, Ben was intrigued by’s vision to focus on sales management and how to manage and make sales teams more efficient using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many sales teams lack transparency, and are looking for a way to understand what kind of behavior leads to top performance. Ben and Oleg agreed that if you can automate this process, and provide an intelligence engine behind it, you can lead teams towards massive growth.

In the few months that he’s been here Ben has already onboarded over 200 leading companies and helped create new connections with investors and advisors. When asked about Ben, Oleg said that “he is well on his way to both building a repeatable process that will scale our company and also hiring some of the best salespeople in the industry to build an exciting new-world sales culture.”

If you’re interested in joining Ben as one of the founding members of the sales team, we are actively hiring! Please share your thoughts below on our success story, and feel free to send your resume to Ben (at)

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