I’m proud to announce that People.ai has been ranked as #51 out of 100 companies, up from #89 in 2018, on Y Combinator’s Top Companies, recognizing our company’s growth and innovative contributions in AI within the technology industry. This makes us the most valuable Enterprise B2B company out of all YC companies. We’ve also been named to Comparably’s Q3 2019 list for “Happiest Employees” and “Best Perks & Benefits.” I believe this is a testament to the devotion and culture of innovation we live here at People.ai. 

People.ai was founded out of Y Combinator S16, after I experienced the pain points throughout my career that we are now solving for marketing and sales. Data entry was and is a tedious, manual process that sucked time out of our week, decreasing productivity and growth. And the lack of data about the go-to-market motion of the company turns out to be the biggest impediment to growth. Our focus on helping sales, marketing, and customer success teams uncover every revenue opportunity from every customer have helped us grow into the company we are today, with incredible enterprise customers who recognized the value AI creates.  

We believe that people enrich the world around them in countless ways, and the more time they spend applying their creativity, resourcefulness and critical thinking to activities that matter most in their professional life, the more effective a professional they become. I am proud to lead a team of diverse, outspoken creatives and critical thinkers, who are hyper-focused on driving enterprise growth. Being happy at work is very important not only to a fulfilling career but to your overall life. Our employees have expressed their feelings, as indicated by Comparably adding us to the top of their list. It speaks to the open, collaborative culture we value at People.ai. 

The Y Combinator Top Companies List was created to help people get to know some of the fastest-growing companies in the YC community. This list is determined by valuation, the most commonly available metric to compare companies in the startup world. It was compiled by first looking at public valuations of companies on PitchBook, and then asking each company on the top 100 for a more up to date non-public valuation.

Y Combinator saw this potential in People.ai and accelerated our growth by leading our seed round back in Summer 2016. To date, YC has backed more than 4,000 founders, who have created more than 2,000 companies that together are worth more than $100 billion. Among the top 100 companies that made the list last year, it says 93 were valued at more than $100 million and had between them created more than 28,000 jobs.

People.ai is now the most valuable Enterprise B2B company out of YC.

Our deep understanding of the professional world is mapping people, companies and the information that flows between in the world’s largest business activity and identity graph in order to enhance human potential in business. Our team continues to be energized by our rankings and recognition as we execute on our vision for the Future of Work.

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