is the most transparent organization I’ve worked in. But as we grow, this is something that will take a conscious effort, and a lot of communication to maintain.

One part of living this value is that we have an open door policy across the organization. Everyone’s door is always open to anyone else. While we mean this primarily in that it’s always possible to have frank conversations, we’ve also made this a physical reality by having our entire team work in a shared open office space. So there is literally never a closed door other than when required.

Radical transparency also means that you and the rest of the team understand how every task you are working on—regardless of your role or department—is part of the bigger picture.

Our values are not meant to just be a guideline for our culture but also a decision framework. If someone doesn’t understand how what they’re working on rolls up to our overall goals as an organization, we expect them to stop and get clarity. We want everyone to start with the why—not the what.

Additionally, we believe management team decisions should be transparent to all employees. We share the state of the business with the team regularly, and answer hard questions about the decisions we make.

We believe this commitment to transparency pays off by creating an environment of accountability. There are no black boxes. There is nowhere to hide. The team is always aware of what’s going on and where they stand. And to me, that’s priceless.

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