When was the last time you had a job you loved? Chances are it was one where you felt valued and had the opportunity to grow your career.

That’s why the first of our values I want to talk about is “We take care of our people.”

This is more than lip service—our employees are actually our CEO’s top priority. Don’t take my word for it either. Take a look at his LinkedIn post: “Why I Make My Employees—Not My Customers—My Top Priority.

At, we hire great people and challenge them to do great things. We provide opportunities to build skills and set your own career path. We constantly challenge each other to get out of our comfort zones in order to grow personally and professionally.

And we do this in a “no jerks allowed” environment.

You’ve probably worked with a brilliant jerk at one point or another. That person who’s abrasive and unpleasant to be around, but maintains their job because their work output seems irreplaceable?

Well, that doesn’t happen here. We don’t care how brilliant someone might be— if no one wants to work with them because they have a terrible attitude, they’re not the right fit. No matter how good their work output is. Everything we do requires collaboration and teamwork, which requires respecting each other.

We also understand that in order to grow professionally, you need real-time feedback so you know where you stand. We provide and accept continuous feedback to help each other become even more effective members of the team.

A number of years ago, I had a job I loved and thought I was performing well at—I felt like rock star. But at that year’s annual review, I received feedback that I had a number of areas for improvement.

It was crushing. I thought I’d been doing really well. I had absolutely no idea that I was not meeting the management team’s expectations.

We’ve all had this sort of situation happen to ourselves or someone we know at one time or another. And let’s be frank, it sucks. But with our commitment to taking care of our people, it’s my goal to never have that happen here.

You spend most of your life at work—wouldn’t you prefer to spend it working for a company that puts you first?