Amid all of the end-of-the-year hustle and bustle, we suspect that there’s one thing you simply don’t have enough of—time.

There’s not enough time to close all of your open deals.

There’s not enough time to interpret all the data for your 2018 forecast.

There’s not enough time to get through the batch of leads from your latest marketing campaign.

There’s not enough time to thoroughly research every single prospect you’re engaging with.

And it’s not just you—whether at work or in our personal lives, almost half of all Americans feel constantly pressed for time.

How Gives You Time Back

While we can’t stop the clock or help you travel back in time, is actually quite good at saving our customers a serious amount of time. How do we do it? By automatically logging all their sales activities.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out our new infographic and see just how much time we’ve saved our customers over the past year, and the value of that time savings for their business. By eliminating manual data entry from their sales teams, we freed up an equivalent of over $35M* in sales team time.


Download a full-size copy of the infographic.
* This assumes that the average salesperson’s salary is $100,000 per year.