Sales is challenging. Yes, you heard that correctly. A marketer recognizing the plight of my sales brothers and sisters!

With the advent of digital technology and the growth of digital channels, buyers are more informed and prepared to deal with the sales process, and as brands, we have to be ready to address this new informed buyer.

That puts pressure on sales teams to be faster and more effective in the sales cycle or risk losing them to a more prepared competitor. But, they are wasting time on things like managing customer data and entering things into their CRM, and spending more time analyzing mountains of data to try to get better at forecasting the business. Maybe you already have forecasting tools, but you need to have all the data, and trust it, to make the tool useful (I’m sure you’ve heard the old expression ‘garbage in, garbage out’).

I am guessing they don’t want to spend time working and entering mountains of data to make sure the business knows exactly what’s happening on a deal cycle. A recent book addresses the sales pain points and one of the examples references how our customer Gainsight uses the tool to improve coaching with AI.

The book by Byron Matthews and Tamar Schenk, called Sales Enablement, uses the example of Ryan Toben, VP of Revenue Operations at Gainsight, who wanted to improve forecast visibility and accuracy. Here’s the quote from the book:

“The answer he found was, a platform that analyses how salespeople spend their time, providing sales managers with the insights they need to coach their sales teams to success. But isn’t just any coaching tool, it has the capability to analyze thousands of metrics. As Toben explains. ‘ not only tells me how long it took a salesperson to get back to a customer, it also tells me how long it took a customer to get back to the salesperson. The first metric is useful as a compliance checkpoint, but the real value is in the second metric. If we can surface the specific things that salespeople are doing to motivate customers to get back to them quickly and keep the process moving, then we can provide real benefit to the sales team by sharing those best practices.’”

The book goes on to reference multiple examples and has dozens of insights on the sales process; I highly recommend it. But, this specific example is one of the cornerstones of what we do here. By automating the capture of sales activity and engagement, we can help sales close deals faster and more often. I may be a just a marketer, but I know both sales and marketing care about that.

So, if you are looking to fix a similar challenge in your organization and need the right data to make your forecasting actually work, give me a shout and I’d be more than happy to show you how are solving that and many other problems with the platform. And, you can read more about Ryan’s insights at Gainsight here.