Managing a sales team is no walk in the park. You’ve got a number of reps on your team and your job is to make them into sales rockstars. No matter how long your new hires have been in the space, there’s always a learning curve because sales is a bit different depending on the company and industry. is here to help sales managers improve the way they manage their teams with data.

Here are the top 4 reasons why sales managers should love

1. Insight into What Your Team is Doing

You’ve probably dealt with black box sales before. Leads come in, you know a bit about what your reps are doing in order to convert those leads into deals coming out the other end. But what’s really going on in that box? As a savvy manager, you know what’s worked for your team in the past, but leading solely on intuition long term simply won’t cut it.

That’s where comes in. We give sales managers insight into the time reps are spending on each account. When you know the combination of sales activities that lead to more deals being closed faster, then you can create a process that includes…

2. Better Onboarding and Better Coaching

All sales managers want to get their reps ramped and getting to work as soon as possible. That requires a targeted training program in which you lay out the exact recipe for success at your company. Sure, each member of your sales team might have own secret sauce to add to the mix (that’s why you hired them after all!), but giving them a baseline for how to go about sales activity that is backed up by data will help then start on the right foot.

It goes beyond orientation. Your reps need comprehensive feedback on how they’re progressing, beyond just “did you meet your quota?” When you can dig into the data and give them concrete recommendations for improving based on what’s working well for their teammates, then they can act on that information and boost their performance faster.

3. Data to Drive Your Decisions

Whether you’re making the tough decision to fire a rep or want to create a new sales playbook for your sales team, you’ll need the data to back it up. provides data both on the sales manager side as well as the rep side. Just as you can go into and see how your team is doing and what’s working, reps can log on or get daily activity updates so they know how they’re doing. When reps have the ability to understand their strengths and weaknesses, then they know what to focus on each day. Putting reps firmly in the driver’s seat of their own success frees you up to look at the bigger picture task of improving your team with the data required for informed decisions.

4. Direct Salesforce Sync

Logging activities is no one’s idea of fun. And your reps typically have more revenue generating tasks to attend to, compared to a dull administrative task. Why not make your team more productive by automating that process for them? It’s possible with Then your reps can hop on the phone and shoot out emails and know that their activity will be there to refer back to when needed. That way, you know the data you see on your dashboard is always accurate. It saves time and headaches for both you and your reps.

So there you have it, the 4 reasons why sales managers should love We’re hard at work to always improve our product in order to make sales teams more efficient, effective, and transparent. If you’d like to see in action, get a personalized demo here.

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