Your sales pipeline tells you where opportunities are tracking in the buyer’s journey at any given moment. Based on this data, sales forecasts can be made to estimate revenue against monthly, quarterly, and annual goals. Managing sales opportunities to stay on track of goals is often seen as a science and an art — with many sales reps leaning more heavily toward it being an art.

Not in 2019.

This is the year that science and technology shows up to help you accelerate your sales pipeline and manage sales opportunities like never before.

You might be asking yourself, “how do you manage sales opportunities?” or “How do you accelerate your sales pipeline?”

With powerful tools driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

To start with, let’s look at what you typically need to know for sales opportunity management:

  • Number of opportunities sales reps are actively working
  • The stage each opportunity is currently at
  • How many opportunities usually move to the next stage
  • Your average deal size
  • Average length of your sales cycle

Obviously, this requires data. Most reps have to turn to their CRM to find this content — but what most reps also know is that CRM data is rarely truly up-to-date and often is filled with errors, missing and outdated information.

Your sales opportunity management conclusions will only be as accurate as the data they are based upon.

AI changes the game

This is where AI changes the game to give sales organizations truly accurate insights that they can trust.

How? Revenue intelligence systems, like, automatically track all your go-to-market activities and log these activities into the right opportunities in Salesforce and other records of account. Not only does this free up sales reps from the responsibility of entering data into the CRM; it creates reliable, accurate data that serves as a single source of truth for sales opportunity management and sales forecasting.

When the data is complete and readily visible, you make better decisions.

A cleaner, faster pipeline

So, how does this help you accelerate your pipeline?

Better quality data means you have real insight into the health of accounts.

You know at a glance, for example:

  • Who your reps are talking to and when
  • Where each contact is in the buying group hierarchy
  • How many activities per rep/per day are getting done
  • Types of activities that aren’t getting done
  • Last time an opportunity at an account was contacted

These are just a few of the ways AI-powered data gives you insight into the health of your pipeline.

Once you know that, you can take the right actions to ensure that opportunities are getting the attention needed to move smoothly through your pipeline stages.

Accelerate your pipeline by cutting out wasted activities, focusing on the right actions, and ensuring that you’re talking with the right people in the buying group.

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