While we love the myth of the natural born salesman, the truth is the best salespeople aren’t just born that way. All of them I’ve known had a mentor who took an interest in them and gave them personalized sales coaching.

When a manager has a small team, it’s much easier to provide this type of hands-on coaching than when you have a team of twenty. But just because you have a large team doesn’t mean your team should miss out on hands-on coaching.

When Cogniance was reviewing their sales onboarding and ongoing training program, it became clear they lacked the data needed to understand where certain salespeople were excelling and why.

And although they needed a uniform way to coach and train their geographically dispersed teams, they understood the necessity of tailoring their programs to the individual learning styles.

“People.ai identifies the strengths and weaknesses of our salespeople,” says Sofiya Ulyak, Sales Operations at Cogniance. “We’re able to customize sales training and coaching based on the data from the People.ai platform.”

People.ai exposed what the most successful salespeople were doing differently. With this data and insight, Ulyak created a data-driven onboarding process that helped individuals ramp faster.

Now, with People.ai’s data, salespeople have reduced the amount of time it takes to respond to clients by up to 67%. By responding to clients’ inquiries faster, salespeople are able to quickly address their clients needs, leading to happier customers and more deals.

Download this case study to find out how Cogniance built their results-driven sales coaching program.