Elite sales leaders excel in three core roles:

  • Hiring and onboarding talented individuals
  • Identifying markets and sales opportunities
  • Forecasting business outcomes

While there is no shortage of sales technology to help sales leaders, onboarding a sales rep still tends to be an opaque process driven mostly by trial and error.

Every fast-growth company wants new ways to improve sales team productivity and shorten the ramp time of new reps. Thankfully, with new predictive analytics and AI solutions, it’s getting easier to accelerate onboarding by implementing a data-driven approach that shows how quickly new hires are making an impact on revenue.

I’m excited to join Michael Raab, Head of SMB at Lyft and Ben Daters, VP of Sales at People.ai, live from the Lyft HQ in San Francisco next Thursday (June 1st at 10am PT) to discuss 3 Ways to Quickly Ramp Sales Reps Using AI. Register here to join the conversation, and if you can’t make it, we’ll be sure to send over a recording!

About Nate:

Nate joined as Infer’s first sales hire in 2013 tasked with architecting the framework for Infer’s go-to-market strategies. He helped secure early paying customers, contribute to product roadmap, and develop scalable sales processes. Nate joined Infer by way of Customer Analytics leader, Nice Systems (NASDAQ: NICE), where he was a part of the successful acquisition of Merced Systems.