AI and machine learning have gained significant ground in changing the sales and marketing landscape over the past five years.

At our recent data-driven sales and marketing Meetup, the panelists shared how AI and machine learning are changing the way that they are using data within their own organizations and how they see that evolving in the future. Read on for their insights.

The Rise of the Chatbot

Many marketing and sales teams struggle with the timely assessment of incoming leads. Chatbots that can help segment incoming leads, and drive them to the right internal contact, is a tactic Eventbrite is exploring.

“In our business, we have organizers and attendees,” said Julia Campbell, Marketing Operations Manager at Eventbrite. “Our sales team will sometimes, such as when a big event is going on, will get very a high volume of attendees coming through their pipeline. What we’re trying to do is set up a chatbot that can help us better gate, and be sure that going to the sales team is the right fit for this person….even if you’ve got a very small team and very little budget, this is a great way to work the leads you have, make sure that I’m constantly engaging with them, and warming them up for my sales team.”

Sam Trachtenberg, VP of Operations at AdRoll, is also a fan of chatbots as a way to improve customer experience by accelerating customers to the information they are seeking.

“I think AI and chatbots, for example, are a great way to bring your company closer to your customers in terms of the chatbot adding AI to your ticketing process, your support systems, and helping customers get to answers more effectively,” he said.

Understanding the Sales Activities That Close Deals

Historically, companies have had to rely on their salespeople to manually input all of their sales activities into the CRM in order to get visibility into what it takes to close a deal.

Unfortunately, this led to often incomplete or inaccurate data being used to make decisions and optimize sales processes. But AI and machine learning are able to change that.

“From a sales operations and a marketing operations side, I think just learning what our reps are doing on a day to day basis is essential to driving the proper behavior internally,” said Trachtenberg.

How are you leveraging AI and machine learning without your own organizations?

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