We’ve only just begun our fiscal year, and already are experiencing amazing momentum. First, we launched the industry’s first and only Revenue Intelligence System to the market, which is a new way to capture every interaction with customers and prospects, and use it to unlock the selling capacity of all your customer-facing teams. Second, we announced our customer, ThoughtSpot, is leveraging our solution to track campaign attribution across all channels and measure contact coverage in their target accounts.

And this past week, I am delighted to welcome Godfrey Sullivan, one of the powerhouses of Silicon Valley, to People.ai Board of Directors.

Few responsibilities are greater for a CEO than creation and interaction with their Board of Directors, whose guidance, oversight and support are so critical in the earlier stages of company evolution. I’ve had the pleasure of already having Peter Levine from Andreessen Horowitz, Nakul Mandan from Lightspeed Ventures and People.ai’s own CTO, Andrey Akselrod on our board – each of whom has brought a unique set of skills that has allowed us to pursue our vision and grow our customer engagement and delight.  

But as we grow, I also wanted to bring onboard a mentor who had ‘walked this walk’ before. Someone who had taken a small company, grew it, took it public and turned it into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. And even better, someone who has done it twice! Having that kind of guidance at my disposal on this journey would be priceless.

I’ll never forget the day when I met Godfrey. It was about a year ago, and I was sharing the People.ai opportunity with a room full of world-class CEOs at the Lightspeed Venture Partners annual Masters Dinner. In the middle of my presentation, Godfrey asked a question about how People.ai protects the privacy of our users. I answered the question and made a point to catch up with Godfrey after dinner at which time, he offered me some sage advice on how to make People.ai the most secure and privacy-centric system possible – just like he did at Splunk.

Godfrey brings the experience I am looking for – everything from his early days at Apple and Autodesk to leading Hyperion and selling it to Oracle for $3.3 billion dollars. And most recently leading Splunk from being a $5 million in sales company, shepherding it through one of the most successful IPOs, and ultimately growing the company to over $20 billion in market capitalization today.

Godfrey has earned a reputation as one of Silicon Valley’s most level-headed CEOs. I have great respect for this man and could not be more thrilled to have him here to guide, counsel, and coach me through the years to come.

Welcome aboard, Godfrey. Looking forward to having you here for this epic journey.