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Operationalize Customer Revenue Optimization natively in Salesforce with ClosePlan

What Is Customer Revenue Optimization?

Customer Revenue Optimization (CRO) software helps sales organizations increase revenue from key accounts by aligning with other customer-facing functions, such as marketing and customer service, to become an extended revenue team.

What is the core focus of Revenue Optimization?

CRO focuses on the operationalizing best practice sales processes. CRO seeks to eliminate inconsistencies within sales processes related to enterprise B2B selling. This is achieved via a structured process, methodology and strategy.

Who benefits from Customer Revenue Optimization?

Sales Reps – CRO guides Sales Reps through the steps required to keep opportunities progressing from qualified to close.

Sales Managers– CRO helps Sales Managers reinforce best practice sales processes unique to their company.

Sales Operations – CRO helps Sales Operations align sales processes to sales strategy and enablement, ensuring key items are in place so deals get revenues are recognized.

How can ClosePlan assist with Customer Revenue Optimization?

  • ClosePlan can help B2B sales organizations execute their Customer Revenue Optimization strategy. This helps eliminate inconsistencies within B2B sales processes. ClosePlan does this in 3 ways:
  • ClosePlan Relationship Maps visualize the key decision makers.
  • ClosePlan Sales Playbooks operationalize and reinforce sales processes.

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