Bring the SNAP Sales Methodology to Life in Salesforce

Every once in a while someone creates an application that makes you wonder why it didn’t exist. ClosePlan has done just that. ClosePlan enhances the sales process flow within Salesforce, with added intelligence and analysis to make sure deals actually have a path to close.

Andrew G. | Salesforce MVP, Bluewolf, an IBM Company

Operationalize SNAP Selling across your sales teams in Salesforce with ClosePlan.


SNAP Selling is a sales methodology that helps create buyer and seller alignment. SNAP is an acronym for four selling goals:

S – Keep it Simple

N – Be iNvaluable

A – Always Align

P – Raise Priorities.

SNAP also emphasizes that there is normally more than one decision to be made in complex B2B sales engagements. The most common critical decisions are as follows:

1. Allow access to the opportunity.

2. The decision to move away from the status quo.

3. The decision to change.


ClosePlan can help you roll out SNAP in Salesforce quickly across your sales organization. We do this in three simple ways:

1. OPPORTUNITY QUALIFICATION – Opportunity qualification scorecards ensure qualification and alignment is occurring within the SNAP methodology.

2. RELATIONSHIP ALIGNMENT – Relationship Maps to visualize the key decision makers – Champions, Economic Buyers, Technical Buyers, Coaches, etc,.

3. OPPORTUNITY EXECUTION – Sales Playbooks operationalize and reinforce the SNAP selling process.

ClosePlan is an approved Salesforce AppExchange application designed for optimizing the Opportunity to Close sales process.


ClosePlan is not affiliated with or endorsed by SNAP Selling.