ClosePlan / SPIN Selling in Salesforce

Operationalize SPIN Selling across your sales teams.

ClosePlan can help you roll out SPIN in Salesforce quickly across your sales organization. With ClosePlan, you can operationalize your SPIN questions in Qualification Scorecards. Request a demo from us and we’ll show you how you can bring your sales methodology to life in Salesforce.

S – Situation Questions
The answers to Situation questions define your sales approach. The questions are designed to develop an understanding of the prospect, their precise situation and how that relates to your offering.

P – Problem Questions
Problem questions help the prospect understand the problems that need to be solved. Problems are what you will use to drive the sale forward.

I – Implication questions
Implication questions are designed to help the prospect understand the impact of the problems. Implication questions are asked in a way that motivates the prospect to move towards a solution.

N – Need Payoff Questions
Once the customer has accepted they have a problem, you then shift their mind set, focusing on the value of the real solution. This it typically tied to a positive business case with a solid ROI.

What Is Spin Sales Methodology?

The SPIN Selling methodology comes from a book written by Neil Rackham. It is a sales methodology often used in enterprise B2B sales environments.

SPIN was created to add clarity to the close process by connecting the customer pain to your solution. SPIN focuses on questions aligned to the following focus areas Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-Payoff.

ClosePlan is not affiliated with or endorsed by SPIN Selling.

Every once in a while someone creates an application that makes you wonder why it didn’t exist. ClosePlan has done just that. ClosePlan enhances the sales process flow within Salesforce, with added intelligence and analysis to make sure deals actually have a path to close.

Andrew G.
Salesforce MVP, Bluewolf, an IBM Company