ClosePlan / Sandler Systems

Bring Sandler Selling Systems to life in Salesforce

ClosePlan can help you operationalize your investment in the Sandler Selling System across your sales teams.

We do this in three simple ways:

  • Relationship Maps to Visualize the Sandler Selling System
  • Sales Playbooks to operationalize and reinforce the Sandler Selling System
  • Deal Scorecards to ensure Sandler Selling System qualification alignment

Let us show you how we can help you operationalize Sandler Selling System in your organization.

What Is The Sandler Selling System?

The Sandler Selling System, developed by David Sandler in 1967, takes a revolutionary approach. Sandler emphasizes a mutual level of engagement between the rep and the prospect. Sandler addresses the interaction between the rep and the prospect, providing a “mutual engagement plan” for success.

While similar to many enterprise sales processes, Sandler has a heavy focus on opportunity qualification.

How Does Sandler Address Relationship Alignment?

Sandler places a heavy emphasis on relationship building early in the sales process. Sandler also emphasizes relationship scoring with a focus on developing relationships that would be deemed weak by applying the Sandler approaches to relationship development. Sandler also focuses on defining various stakeholder attributes – Decision Makers, Budget Holders, Project Managers, etc.

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