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White Space Map Software for Salesforce

As sales professionals, getting key accounts that repeatedly buy from you is one of the most important things to sustain your company. However, you can’t do it without a plan in mind. That’s where account planning comes in.

Read on to see how can help you land more recurring business through account planning software solutions!

What is a White Space Map?

White spaces are gaps in your business accounts where there may be unmet and unarticulated needs. However, just because you don’t know how to find and meet those needs (yet) doesn’t mean you should ignore them. To take advantage of these potential opportunities, you need white space mapping. Once your white space mapping is done, you can use it as a reference tool to see which products you can upsell or cross-sell to your current customers.

There are three approaches you can use when white space mapping:

  • External focus: An external focus means that you look to the market for a white space opportunity with little to no competition or the prospect of turning non-consumers into consumers.
  • Internal focus: Internal white space mapping looks at your company’s capabilities to see what else you can do outside of what you’re currently doing. This helps you understand what opportunities your company can pursue and what may need further recruitment or new business units to engage with.
  • Future focus: This approach looks at the results of strategic foresight exercises and tests what your business can do five years from now. This may involve creating potential customer personas from data science results or drawing up test business processes that may seem far-fetched at the moment.

Uncover New Opportunities With White Space Map Software

Fortunately, you don’t have to do white space mapping on your own. White space map software helps you examine your customer base and see what products they’re using and not using. This way, you can see blind spots and additional sales opportunities that you can pursue to make the consumer spend more money.

A good white space map software should answer questions like:

  • How much potential revenue can you get from existing customers?
  • How much potential revenue can you get from key accounts?
  • How do you compete with your rivals and reach the apex of your market?
  • Who are the best people to sell to?

White Space Mapping for Your Key Accounts

Since white space analysis helps sales professionals notice areas of demand not previously noticed, it also helps you see opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell. This is especially important in your key business accounts because they’re the most likely to come back for more business.

Simply put, white space mapping allows sales managers to see what products or services their key accounts aren’t buying. Once you’ve identified a white space opportunity, you can try to sell them on it. Your key account gets more value out of your partnership, while you get more business from them — it’s a win-win!

Advantages of White Space Maps

So, what can white space mapping do for your business? Here are two ways your business benefits from white space mapping:

Track Product Penetration

A whitespace map can be seen as a “checklist” of what your current customers are buying from you. This helps you see which products or services are popular and which ones aren’t.

With a clearer idea of how your products penetrate your customer base, you can either improve the sales process of popular products — making them better for existing customers — or find a way to make the less popular products more desirable to key accounts.

Bring Your White Space Analysis to Life

White space maps visualize the results of your analysis. Instead of a document spanning many pages, you’ll have a handy chart or dashboard that you can understand at a glance. This helps the decision-making process, especially when you’re planning to expand your business.

White Space Analysis Tools for Growth’s digital white space analysis tools save a huge amount of time by removing all the guesswork. Through easily understandable reports, you can analyze the data and make the right decisions quickly. This way, you can cross-sell and upsell to your key accounts with ease and drastically improve business growth.

Account Plan

Account plans are strategies to improve retention and alignment with your key accounts. Great account plans can boost annual revenue by increasing loyalty and improving the sales pipeline.

Generally, an account plan contains the following:

  • Key details of your prospect or customer
  • An overview of your competitors
  • Key internal initiatives related to the account in question
  • Results of alignments with decision makers and a mutual plan to ensure close collaboration
  • A strategy for account retention and growth
  • A record of the account’s “health”, usually kept in an account scorecard

Product Mapping

Product mapping involves matching your existing products to your competitor’s offerings. This helps a sales executive to build an apples-to-apples comparison of price, quality, and other factors between the two products. With a side-by-side comparison of your products and a rival’s, you can see which parts of the product you can improve to gain a competitive advantage over others.

Account Planning

Simply put, account planning is the process of creating an account plan to improve customer retention and loyalty. Great strategic account planning typically generates additional revenue and business opportunities.

Below are some essential tasks when account planning:

  • Relationship mapping and community building between your business and the customer
  • Getting an understanding of the competitors
  • Identifying and coming up with key strategic initiatives
  • Getting on the same page with decision makers
  • Developing strategies to retain and grow key accounts

Account Management

Account management is the day-to-day task of sales reps where they provide your key accounts with service and support, encouraging them to stay on as customers. In addition to supporting the products and services your customers have bought, account management also involves cross-selling and upselling other offerings.

Account Planning Templates

Account Planning Best Practices

There’s often a learning curve when it comes to account planning. Thankfully, has all the resources you need to succeed. Here are some account planning best practices to keep in mind:

  • Choose your strategic account manager wisely — pick someone with expertise in analytical and people skills
  • Write down your key account’s profile
  • Keep a close eye on your key account’s needs and sales opportunities

Best White Space Map Software for Salesforce

If you’re planning to do white space mapping and improve existing accounts, is the way to go. Our best-in-class white space mapping software ensures you’ll find a new niche to cross-sell and upsell for even more revenue. Moreover, we also provide revenue intelligence, data automation, and consulting services to all our customers.

Key Takeaways

Digital white space analysis is essential in spotting gaps in your customers’ needs. Fortunately, has the tools you need to cross-sell and upsell to your key accounts — and so much more. Contact us today and see what our white space mapping, account planning, and CRM automation solutionsg can do for you!

White Space Map Software FAQs

Have more questions about white space mapping? Here are some common white space mapping software questions, answered:

What is a white space analysis?

White space analysis is a method that takes a look at the market (in this case your key accounts) and spots needs that are unmet and unarticulated. By identifying these needs, your company can create a comprehensive solution to generate more revenue.

How does white space analysis work?

White space analysis identifies new needs and niches through three methods:

  • Focusing externally to see what else your key accounts need
  • Focusing internally to see what your company can provide
  • Focusing on the future based on forecasts and hypothetical customer profiles

How white space map software helps

White space mapping software helps make the analysis process easier to understand by creating easily understood charts and sheet documents from your analysis results. This helps decision makers make informed decisions faster and more easily.