Legends of Sales and Marketing

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Hilarie Koplow-McAdams

Venture Partner at New Enterprise Associates
From President of Global Sales at Salesforce to President of New Relic, hear stories of curiosity and grit from a legend who helped lay the foundation of the tech industry as we know it.
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Chris Koehler

CMO at Box
Learn how Box’s CMO harnesses a unique blend of generalist philosophy, agile marketing, and an innovation mindset to grow one of the world’s most successful enterprise cloud services companies in history.
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John Thompson

Chairman of Board at Microsoft
John Thompson, former CEO/Chairman of Symantec and Chairman of the Board at Microsoft speaks candidly about how a young Black man growing up in the ‘60s rose to pave a path through some of the most iconic companies in tech. One of his key pieces of advice? Be inquisitive. Read the full story for wisdom and lessons that are sure to move leaders everywhere.
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Julie Liegl

CMO at Slack
Learn how this marketing legend reimagined Dreamforce as an unparalleled conference experience and is helping Slack invent a new market category.
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John McMahon

Board Member, MongoDB, Snowflake, and Creator of MEDDIC
John McMahon, Board Member, MongoDB, Snowflake, and creator of MEDDIC, mentored an entire generation of sales leaders with his approachable sales methodology. John’s student-of-the-game mentality laid the groundwork for a go-to-market paradigm shift that delivered an impact on revenue unlike any other in history.
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Jeremy Duggan

President and Board Member at WhiteHat
Jeremy Duggan is a prominent tech investor and advisor who made his mark building AppDynamics. His key to success? Lean into shortcomings and refuse to give up.
marketing Legend

Ryan Carlson

Chief Marketing Officer at Okta
Ryan Carlson, CMO of Okta, is an unlikely combination of rugged mountain man and technophile. But get to know this outstanding marketing leader and the paradoxes make perfect sense – so does Ryan’s rise to the top. Since his youthful days tinkering with a Commodore 64 in rural Colorado, Ryan has achieved great things by doggedly pursuing his passions. Today’s aspiring marketing leaders can learn essential lessons from this man who unfailingly remains true to himself.
marketing Legend

Robin Matlock

Chief Marketing Officer at VMware
Robin Matlock, CMO of VMware, has carved out an enviable career in tech that includes creating new market categories, building markets, and driving incredible revenue growth. So it might surprise you to discover that her dual college majors were economics and music. However, once you understand where Robin came from and what has gotten her this far, everything falls into place. Read the full story for key insights and lessons sure to inspire marketing leaders everywhere.
sales Legend

Cedric Pech

CRO at MongoDB
Cedric Pech, CRO of MongoDB, earned his legendary status by staying true to his values as he approached building legendary sales organizations. From a relentless childhood quest for an Olympic medal to shaping the selling landscape of PTC, BMC, and MongoDB, Cedric’s dedication to character is what continuously puts him on top of the podium.
marketing Legend

René Bonvanie

Former CMO at Palo Alto Networks
René Bonvanie, former CMO at Palo Alto Networks, earned his legendary status by defining a groundbreaking go-to-market strategy at one company and establishing another as the world’s top cybersecurity firm. Few would have predicted that a DJ in Amsterdam clubs would rise to achieve staggering success in Silicon Valley. This self-made man is full of surprises and wisdom sure to inspire every marketing leader.

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