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Engage the right people – in the right accounts – and take the proven path to enterprise pipeline. Enhance relationships, improve efficiency, and gain better account and opportunity visibility to win bigger deals, faster.


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Focus on the right people
in every deal

Know the right stakeholders in every account who can increase win rates and deal sizes. See engagement levels, deal influence, common buying groups, and more – removing guesswork so your GTM teams go straight to the right people.

Sell more, faster – with the same headcount

Get more value from your existing tools (and your reps’ time) with the platform that guides them at every step. Ease account planning and let reps focus on what they’re really good at: building pipeline and closing deals.

See into the future and rescue at-risk revenue

Identify dormant and soft pipeline and find real indicators of trouble – neglected key accounts without the right stakeholders engaged. Proactively save deals that aren’t progressing. Instantly course-correct to speed up sales cycles and keep your targets on track.

Working with the right people changes everything


Closed-won deals influenced by deal insights


Increase in activities across customers


Contacts automatically created and maintained

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