Introducing for Sales Managers

A brand new AI-powered coaching experience designed to help sales teams get ahead of the game and drive more predictable results quarter over quarter.

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Finally, a True Understanding of What Good Looks Like

Turn on to discover exactly what makes great reps, truly great.

  • Analyze 2 years of activity and contact history
  • Automation runs in the background, no rep action required
  • Define the playbook and set the bar for the rest of the team

Complete Visibility into What’s Working, and What’s Not

Compare performance to targets and spotlight coaching opportunities.

  • Create leading indicators to benchmark team performance
  • Customize to match the nuances of your sales process
  • See who’s on track and where they need help

“Your ultimate goal is to get as many salespeople to hit quota as possible—your leading indicator there is whether you have enough pipeline, and your leading indicator to that is activity. is getting ahead of the problem that keeps me up at night.”

Diane Palmer
Senior Director of Revenue Ops and GTM Strategy, New Relic

Helpful Guides to Focus on Real Coaching Opportunities

Review the details and spend time coaching where it matters.

  • Track individual performance against each target
  • See how their activity trends overtime
  • Uncover coaching opportunities and recommended 1:1 talking points

Actionable Alerts Pinpoint Risk and Keep Deals on Track

Flag opportunities that need attention based on low activity and contact engagement.

  • Monitor deal health with dynamic engagement scores
  • Track how deal sizes are increasing or decreasing overtime
  • Focus on specific deal insights to keep every opportunity moving forward

“We wanted more predictability for our pipeline and more insights into how our reps are doing their job – but we didn’t want to add to their workload. has made that possible.”

Kishen Mistry
Senior Manager, Sales Excellence