Introducing Revenue Operations & Intelligence (ROI)

Where Insight Meets Execution.

Know + Do

When It Comes to Revenue, You Need Both.

Revenue Intelligence

Understand historical trends. Project where you’ll land in coming quarters.

Revenue Operations

Orchestrate the activities required to keep growing.

Revenue Operations and Intelligence (ROI)

A single platform that allows Sales, Marketing, and RevOps to grow revenue by translating insight into action.

Revenue Telemetry

Automatically capture activity related to revenue such as email, video conferencing, contacts, and meetings. Best of all, reps don’t need to lift a finger.


See threats and opportunities in time to act.’s revenue algorithms surface everything from the key personas Marketing should target to the sales behaviors that lead to wins.

Auto-Populated CRM

Eliminate manual data entry. Automatically update CRM accounts and opportunities with the latest contact and activity information. Rely on SmartMatch™ and SmartContacts™ to always get the right data in the right place.

End-to-End Productivity

Align your go-to-market team with high impact planning, strategy, execution, and coaching.

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The Power of Managing with Leading Indicators

Transforming the Productivity and Culture of Enterprise Sales Teams

“I can attest that data has become MORE valuable to our sales team in this climate. Activities are a leading indicator to pipe and we can’t get enough leading indicators right now.” sales ai customer

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