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Meet The People․ai Platform

How Works

1. Ingest

1. Ingest

Automated Activity and Contact Data Capture|

Out-of-the-box API integrations with email, calendars, conferencing, collaboration and telephony toolsets. leverages the industry’s leading activity capturing capabilities, and equips your organization with the ability to capture the entire go-to-market team’s customer communications.

2. Analyze

2. Analyze

AI-Based Matching and Data Analytics|

With the industry’s highest-fidelity matching algorithms automate contact creation ensures that contacts remain accurate within CRM relative to accounts and opportunities. Once matched, is able to analyze sentiment, detect competitor mentions, and enrich contact data to both solve for matching business and personal contact resolution.

3. Deliver

3. Deliver

CRM Data and Actionable Insights| delivers the analyzed data and insights to the tools you’re already using such as business intelligence, data warehouse, collaboration and more. Data no longer goes stale, it’s pulled in, enriched, analyzed and delivered back to you where it matters.

The Revenue
Intelligence System offers the industry’s only Revenue Intelligence System (RIS) that automates the capture of all contact and customer activity data, dynamically updates your CRM and provides actionable intelligence across your CRM, collaboration, business intelligence, and other management tools for sales, marketing, customer success and services teams to realize the full selling capacity of your customer-facing teams.

Actionable Intelligence| Improved Productivity| Greater Sales Efficiency| Accelerated Revenue Growth| More Engaged Customer Experience|

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Unmatched Capabilities

Activity, Contact Capture, and Creation

Automatically capture and create current and historical contacts right into your CRM. Contacts are also enriched with valuable metadata such as title, phone, and location, thereby eliminating the need for list purchases.

Complex Matching uses deep matching strategies to map contact and activity to the correct customer account in order to provide contextual knowledge about an opportunity.

Sensitive Content Filtering

Using AI and natural language processing (NLP), filters out personal and sensitive content before it enters the CRM.

Evergreen Contacts continually verifies, updates, and enriches contact information after every customer or prospect communication. Having Evergreen Contacts ensures that the data in your CRM does not go stale.

Automated Lead Conversion

Automatically convert leads who are engaged in sales activities to Opportunity Contact Roles in Salesforce.


Seamless Deployment

Proven deployments at some of the world’s fastest growing and complex enterprise organizations. Designed to not require individual user enablement or interdepartmental process overhauls, as well as empower your existing tools and the way you already do business.

Enterprise Grade Data Security

The platform is SOC 2 Type II-certified, ISO 27001:2013 certified, as well as designed to be GDPR compliant.

Business-by-Business Configuration

No two companies do business the same. The platform was designed to be configurable to the way your company sells and communicates.

“Our business case was made on contact capture – we’ve exceeded all our goals in the number of contacts we could create. We also built the rest of the business case, not only on building pipeline, but on improved contacts on opportunities and marketing attribution, contacts, and activities. We’re capturing signals for customer retention and expansion. We’re also looking at the type and time spent on activities by high performers in sales to better optimize sales cycles.”

Art Harding

GVP of GTM Strategy and Operations
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