Fuel Pipeline Generation With Meaningful Account Engagement

Finding the right balance of account coverage takes a level of visibility most sales orgs struggle to gain. With, automatically capture and surface exactly what’s happening across accounts with clear indicators of where expansion or upsell opportunities lie.

Pinpoint Account Coverage Gaps

Never get caught off guard thanks to engagement analytics that make it dead simple to know where attention is needed.

  • Engagement dashboards put everything managers need in one single view
  • See account health scores in the context of past activities and time spent
  • Sort accounts by least engaged to identify where immediate actions are needed

3 Steps to Unleashing a High-performing Pipeline Engine

Know the Activities Tied to Meaningful Engagement

Activity for activity’s sake won’t help renewal chances. makes it easy to spot where meaningful engagement is happening.

  • Embedded scores help separate healthy accounts from ones that need immediate attention
  • See activity breakdowns over time to know whether engagement has been steady or too spread out
  • Know which direction engagement has been trending week over week

Get A 360 View of Account Engagement

Understand the complete picture of account engagement and how to capitalize on additional revenue opportunities

  • Compare inbound vs outbound activities to understand where time is being spent
  • Know which people are the most engaged to help with allocating resources
  • See the related opportunities, their engagement scores, and any alerts

Validate Engagement With Stakeholders In Every Deal


Our Customers Achieve Incredible Results

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When we reassign accounts into different coverage models, data gives incoming reps a tremendous amount of insight for a handoff. adds contact insights and a level of intelligence to accounts that we didn't have in the past
Eric Chapman
 | Vice President Sales Operations and Enablement 
at Hexagon PPM
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