Map Key Relationships Across Accounts and Opportunities

Today’s buying group involves anywhere from six to 10 decision-makers. With’s org charts, teams have a scalable way to keep up with contacts and the relationships between them—all within Salesforce.

Keep Up Even As Buying Groups Expand

With’s automated contact capture, teams don’t have to waste time logging details around names, titles, or departments.

  • Automatically capture contacts engaging across your entire GTM team
  • Trust contacts are making their way to the right Account or Opportunity, every time
  • Never worry about contact data going stale with continuous enrichment

Turn Relationships Into Recurring Revenue

The path to revenue is never a straight line. With, reps can easily navigate the differing levels of influence and power at play.

  • Easily drag and drop contacts into maps to build department hierarchies
  • Draw lines of influence or conflict to identify and mitigate blockers
  • Add contact support roles to quickly identify who’s who

See the Complete Profile of Stakeholders

Get a deeper look at the details around individual stakeholders with profiles that surface engagement scores, support roles, and actions.

  • Know exactly how engaged contacts are with automated scores
  • Quickly see a running list of previous actions and upcoming next steps
  • Easily add notes to keep all contact details in one central place

Our Customers Achieve Incredible Results

Quotation mark feeds into our intent scoring model and shapes the way that Marketing and Sales engage. Whereas before we had an incomplete view of our buying unit, now we get a much more robust perspective on who to engage in an account.
Saima Rashid | Vice President of Field Analytics and Insights at PTC
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