Why BDRs/SDRs Need PeopleGlass

Leads and contacts are the lifeblood of any company. Managing them shouldn’t be a pull-your-hair-out experience. That’s why PeopleGlass lets you spend less time drowning in Salesforce busywork and more focused on value-add activities.

Flip the script on the way you work with Salesforce

“When we first launched it, you get the Zoom comments saying ‘this is awesome,’ ‘can’t wait to try it.’ And the fact that it shows up right in their Chrome window makes their day so much quicker.”

Mark | Head of Global Sales Operations


Make your workday drastically more impactful

“PeopleGlass helps make growth as an individual contributor more tolerable across any role where you’re expected to track activity with customers.”

Matt | Sr. Director, Account Management

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Reclaim the most precious asset in sales—your time

PeopleGlass turns Salesforce into a spreadsheet, making it vastly easier to manage customer success workflows with one, easy-to-use interface.

  • Save 5 hours a week from Salesforce busywork
  • Bring everything into a single pane of glass
  • Improve CRM data hygiene without adding work
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Our Customers Unlock Incredible Results

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“Easy way to keep track of my pipeline”

Peter H | Sr. Sales Development Representative

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Stop wasting unnecessary hours every week. Bring clarity to your forecast and spot gaps in sales process adoption faster.