Why Customer Success Teams Need PeopleGlass

The work’s not over when the deal closes. But managing new accounts and deadlines doesn’t need to be exhausting. PeopleGlass lets you spend less time drowning in Salesforce busywork and more focused on growing meaningful customer relationships.

Manage everything in one view that syncs instantly with Salesforce

“I have loved diving into PeopleGlass and even my just-scratching-the-surface usage, was able to update account risk/health waaaaay faster than if I had to go to each account is Salesforce.”

KYLE | Client Success Manager


Foster cross-functional collaboration like never before

“What really got me excited was that you could build what looks like a report in Salesforce but you can update those fields at scale, in a sheet style, and get real-time feedback.”

Matt | Sr. Director, Account Management

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Reclaim the most precious asset in sales—your time

PeopleGlass turns Salesforce into a spreadsheet, making it vastly easier to manage customer success workflows with one, easy-to-use interface.

  • Save 5 hours a week from Salesforce busywork
  • Bring everything into a single pane of glass
  • Improve CRM data hygiene without adding work
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Our Customers Unlock Incredible Results

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“It’s like adding superpowers to Salesforce!”

José M | Customer Success Manager

“Great solution to improve your account planning workflow”

Aude I | Customer Success Manager

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Stop wasting unnecessary hours every week. Bring clarity to your forecast and spot gaps in sales process adoption faster.