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The Path to Quota Isn’t Paved with Busywork

Spend less time drowning in Salesforce busywork and more focused on the activities that actually deliver revenue.

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what is peopleglass

Less Clicks, More Closing

PeopleGlass turns Salesforce into a spreadsheet, making it easier for sellers to breeze through updates and leadership to pinpoint deals at risk.
  • Save 5 hours a week from Salesforce busywork
  • Bring everything into a 
single pane of glass
  • Improve CRM data hygiene without chasing reps

Made for Every Type of Closer

Account Executives

Account Executives

Stop wasting hours pasting from spreadsheets. Breeze through pipeline updates and next steps.


Manage leads and contacts all from a single view. Make bulk updates on the fly.
Sales Managers

Sales Managers

Bring clarity to your forecast. Spot gaps in sales process adoption faster.


Improve CRM data hygiene without chasing down reps week after week.
Customer Success

Customer Success

Manage account engagement from a central view and know where your attention is needed

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

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Reclaim the Most Precious Asset in Sales—Your Time

Breeze through Salesforce updates so your team can focus on closing business, not managing multiple tabs

Hit Fast Forward on Pipeline Updates

Breeze through pipeline updates with a spreadsheet-like interface that supports keyboard shortcuts, in-line editing, and bulk updates.

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Get Clear Visibility on Your Team’s Activities

With easily customizable views that let managers put everything that matters most front and center, there’s no question about what’s actively being worked, what’s not, and what’s missing

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Improve Your CRM Hygiene

Build curated sheets by role to ensure that the details you need most are actually captured and synced back to Salesforce—no chasing reps required.

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Trust and Security

Your Salesforce Data, Safe and Sound

Secure Sign On

Ensure teams access accounts securely by signing in with Salesforce SSO

Own Your Data

No Salesforce data is ever stored by PeopleGlass

SOC 2 Type 1 Compliant

We handle your Salesforce data with the highest security standards

Keep Permissions As-Is

Maintain the same user permissions as Salesforce to ensure data quality stays intact


Our Customers Unlock Incredible Results

Quotation mark
It gives the reps an easier way to do what you as a sales leadership team is trying to get them to do: keep track of all their items in Salesforce and provide actionable data for replication and scaling.
Mark B. Turner Head Of Global Sales Operations 
and Enablement, Canva
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I have loved diving into PeopleGlass and even my just-scratching-the-surface usage, was able to update account risk/health waaaaay faster than if I had to go to each account in Salesforce. The company seems to be moving fast and releasing new things all the time, which gets me crazy excited. For reals, install now.
Kyle Stenson Strategic Client Success / Partner 
Manager, Blackboard
Quotation mark
I do think improving reps day to day is the key reason why an organization should deploy something like PeopleGlass.
Matt Cordaro vp, Account 
Management, Acquia

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