Why Operations Needs PeopleGlass

It’s no secret that data makes the enterprise world go around. But getting good, clean data is often easier said than done. That’s why PeopleGlass lets operations teams improve CRM data hygiene without having to chase down reps every week.

Ensure the details you need most are actually captured

“PeopleGlass gave us the opportunity to give the reps a tool that was really effective, really quick, and really slick looking for them to enter in additional data.”

Mark | Head of Global Sales Operations


Empower operations to move the needle and drive growth

“The team runs meetings with renewals…a lot of that meeting was ‘can you make sure that record’s updated?’ and now it’s ‘what are the next steps to save that customer?”

Matt | Sr. Director, Account Management

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Reclaim the most precious asset in sales—your time

PeopleGlass turns Salesforce into a spreadsheet, making it vastly easier to manage customer success workflows with one, easy-to-use interface.

  • Save 5 hours a week from Salesforce busywork
  • Bring everything into a single pane of glass
  • Improve CRM data hygiene without adding work
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Our Customers Unlock Incredible Results

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“Really easy to use and very convenient”

Eric C | Revenue Operations Manager

“[PeopleGlass] has increased my data hygiene TREMENDOUSLY!”

Lindsey A | Account Executive

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Stop wasting unnecessary hours every week. Bring clarity to your forecast and spot gaps in sales process adoption faster.