Know Where to Focus Today to Shape Tomorrow’s Outcomes

Stop wasting valuable time digging through a sea of sales data. automatically surfaces the most valuable (and actionable) insights on time spent, people engaged, and engagement health to help you proactively identify, mitigate, and resolve risk.

Turn Your Best Rep’s Actions Into Team Benchmarks automatically analyzes your top performer’s actions to help with team benchmarks and coaching opportunities.

  • Analyze two years worth of historic activity of top performers
  • Build customizable benchmarks natively inside of Salesforce
  • Know exactly how reps stack against each metric and where your help is needed

Top 3 Warning Signs You're Not Prepared to Deliver a Healthy Pipeline

Proactively Identify (And Resolve) Risk

Whether it’s low account engagement or single-threaded deals, managers are never caught off guard with

  • See how healthy engagement is across opportunities or accounts including historic trends
  • Know which deals are single-threaded or are missing executive engagement
  • Understand who’s typically engaged in deals and where they’re spending time

Quickly Identify Gaps in Your Sales Process

Improve adoption of your sales process while understanding where reps are getting stuck

  • Focus on the opportunities worth pursuing with embedded scorecards
  • Know whether or not reps are following through on exit criteria
  • Identify where reps have buyer blindspots and build a plan for threading in the right contacts

5 Key Capabilities You Need to Prime Your Pipeline


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Quotation mark is a crucial GTM partner that's helping us shape our future, not simply react to it. It's played a key role in our sales team's success.
Ryan Azus | Chief Revenue Officer at Zoom
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