Drastically Improve Your Strategy and Planning Decisions

Your sales reps weren’t hired for their data entry skills. That’s why most orgs struggle to get complete data into their CRM around activities, time spent, and people engaged. With, automate all three and let your reps focus on bringing in revenue.

Capture Activity Across the Entire GTM Team

Revenue is a team sport. That’s why enables organizations to capture activity insights across the entire GTM team.

  • Connect to the inboxes of your GTM team members to capture activity
  • Ensure every type of activity, from phone calls to meetings to emails exchanged, is captured
  • Grab the contact details that matter, including title, department, and seniority
Video Activity & Contact Capture

Connect Activities with Opportunities and Accounts

Bring the context of activities and contacts to accounts and opportunities to fully understand what’s working and what’s not.

  • Proprietary ML techniques identify which activities should be associated with Accounts or Opportunities
  • Automatically capture contact activities including time spent
  • Patented filtering technology ensures only the right information is logged in your CRM

Unmatched End to End Visibility

Say goodbye to stale CRM data and hello to a data-driven future fueled with accurate details around activities and top-engaged contacts.

  • Get unprecedented visibility into how engagement shapes deal and pipeline outcomes
  • Know exactly where the vast majority of time is being spent and where help is needed
  • Inform future planning, whether capability or annual, with the most accurate, up to date information

3 Reasons to Assess the State of Your Pipeline


Our Customers Achieve Incredible Results

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Since we deployed, we have much better insight into high-value leads and how they are handled, which ensures they are followed up by our inside sales teams with increasing efficiency – overall enabling us to continue to grow and scale our marketing engine.
Ryan Carlson | Chief Marketing Officer at Okta
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