Revenue Analytics

AI-driven intelligence that helps you understand how to optimize your revenue process and minimize opportunity leakage

A Sales Leader's Guide to Understanding Team Performance

Activity Intelligence

Complete visibility into your sales team’s activities.

  • Track where your teams’ time is spent across accounts and opportunities 
  • Replicate good behaviors of top performers and alleviate bad behaviors across the team
  • Unlock hidden coaching opportunities with dashboards that highlight great rep behavior
  • Identify where sales reps’ time and capacity is wasted, adjust resource allocation, and set benchmarks

Activity Intelligence

Did You Know?

By taking advantage of AI and analytics, organizations see cost reductions of at least 40% and reps are spending more of their time closing deals.



Find New Opportunities in Your Target Accounts 

Generate and Close More Pipeline Faster

  • Reps can search people in target accounts to find out who knows who and get warm introductions
  • Identify who in your target accounts has buying power and who has bought products at your price points
  • Identify Engagement Level for an account and know who at your company has been involved with the prospect

The Wire

Best Next Actions for Sales Reps

Daily feed of recommendations to win deals faster

  • Personalized actionable insights wherever you work; in, email, slack, or other tools
  • Get recommendations to do what’s needed to close a deal
  • Activate your professional social network of your whole company to benefit for warm introductions and real-time support across your entire team


Champion Tracking

Identify When a Champion Leaves and Highlight Where They’ve Gone so You Can Sell Again, and Again  …

Know when your champions change companies

  • Stay connected to your key influencers who bought from you previously
  • Get notified when your champion changes roles or companies, powered by PeopleGraph’s deep understanding of the professional world
  • Automatically update your CRM when your champions go from one company to another
“We’re excited about the AI-powered insights delivers that help us create our optimal sales playbook and increase our teams win rate.”
Venkat Nagaswamy
Global VP of Marketing

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