Take the Guess Work Out of Sales’s The Wire delivers reps personalized insights and recommendations to prioritize their day and maximize their performance on every deal.

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Meet The Wire

Your Personalized AI-Powered Feed That Helps Reps and Managers Close More Deals

The Wire represents a fundamental shift in how reps will approach selling. It’s an AI-powered list of insights and recommended actions delivered via “Wire Cards” generated just for them. Wire Cards give reps best-next-action guidance such as when and who to reach out to next, or notifications when someone they’ve sold to before moves to a different company – all with the goal of helping them increase their daily productivity and overall win rate.The Wire customizes itself to each person and the deals they’re working on, so reps spend less time entering data in the CRM, and more time focused on activities that help them close more deals.

Your Personalized AI-Powered Feed That Helps Reps and Managers Close More Deals

What Insights Will You Find In Your Wire Feed?

Sales Intelligence and Recommendations Customized to You and The Deals You’re Working.

The Wire For Sales Reps

Track Your Champions

Sell More, and Sell Again, and Again…

It’s always easier to sell to someone who already knows who you are, and has purchased from you before. In fact, research shows that repeat buyers spend more per deal and are up to nine times more likely to convert than a first-time buyer.

With The Wire’s “Champion Tracking,” reps get alerted if someone they’ve sold to in the past moves companies as well as where they’ve moved to.

The Wire allows reps to focus on the prospects who are more likely to buy so they’ll sell more, and sell it over, and over again.

Best-Next-Actions to Increase Sales Rep Win Rate

Optimize Selling With an AI Co-Pilot

Who can help a rep move a stalled deal forward? Who in your organization can introduce your rep to that person? continually analyzes your reps’ activities, network, and industry for every deal to generate recommendations for the best-next-action to help them close more, faster. With The Wire, there’s no more guessing. The Wire is your reps’ sales co-pilot.

Prepare, Collaborate, and Follow-up on Meetings

Never Forget to Follow-Up on a Meeting Again

Before every meeting, The Wire presents Sales reps with details for every prospect and customer on the list of attendees — all on one, easy-to-read “card.” After the meeting, The Wire sends a friendly reminder to follow up and capture meeting notes on their preferred channel (Slack, email, etc.) while they’re still fresh, without reps ever having to log into the CRM. 

The Wire For Sales Managers

Ramp Your Reps Faster

Stay on Top of Your Team’s Performance with
Benchmarking and Ramp Alerts

With early indicator activity detection and performance benchmarking, managers are equipped with the data they need to ramp their reps faster and get the data they need to course-correct representatives and optimize the activities of their reps.

Coach Your Team with Custom Goals and Reporting

Understand Where Reps are Spending Their Time

Are your reps spending their time on activities that are most likely to drive pipeline? Are you asking them or monitoring?

With The Wire, you receive reporting and insights based on your team’s activities and performance benchmarked against their peers. Using The Wire, sales managers are equipped with reliable data to optimize how their teams spend their time. 

Predict Your Team’s Trends with Leading Indicators

Get a Full View of Your Team’s Activities at a Glance

Is your team trending in the right direction to hit your sales pipeline goal? Are they spending their time on the right activities? 

With leading indicators insights, sales managers can discover the source of struggling reps sooner, see where their reps are spending their time, and make data-driven decisions on how to best coach their team to hit their number.

Get The Wire Insights Where You Work

AI That Works Alongside You

Choose how you’d like to engage with The Wire: via email, the Wire web app, Slack, or Android and iOS companion apps.

“The Wire is a real example of AI’s power to help automate my day and make me more productive.”

Mike Cabot

VP of Corporate Sales at Malwarebytes