As the World Changes, so Must Your Marketing Strategy 

We’re living through an extraordinary time as global events shift the way companies go to market. As buyer groups move out of the corporate office and into the home office, companies can no longer rely on traditional field marketing channels to engage and convert audiences. Yet, in the face of this challenge, marketing must still deliver on pipeline and revenue commitments.

So how can Marketing make up for this pipeline shortfall? To help, we’ve developed a playbook with four game-changing plays designed to tap into this information to grow your pipeline and close more deals. Read on for the first play designed to help you do just that:

Play 2: Segment Your Contacts

Play 2

Segment Your Contacts

In Play 1 we discussed how allows you to tap into your go to market team’s calendar and email to generate marketable contacts. But before you reach out to these individuals, you’ll need to segment them so you can engage them appropriately. For example, you’ll want to treat a contact from an account you’re trying to land for the first time very differently than a contact involved in a deal that went south. We recommend sorting your new contact repository into at least four distinct groups:

  • No engagement: no associated activity associated with the contact
  • Former prospect: previous sales cycle that resulted in a lost opportunity
  • Former customer: did business with your company, but is no longer user your products or services
  • Current customer: currently does business with your company Makes the Connection

Segmentation can be a tedious process if carried out manually. Additionally, contacts can be easily miscategorized since there are often no explicit links that connect them to the accounts and deals where they may have been involved.

This is where the strength of the platform shines. We’ve developed IP that reliably connects contacts to opportunities and accounts by analyzing hundreds of signals such as meetings they’ve attended and people they’ve associated with. Once contacts have been correctly matched to your CRM data, you can automate the segmentation process.

Sales Activity on Marketing Sourced Opportunities

Understand Sales Followup and Identify Who’s in the Buyer Group

Beyond segmentation, we’ll also help you track sales’ followup on marketing generated opportunities and surface the roles that comprise buyer groups and key decision makers. Since we plug into salespeople’s inboxes, when they reach out to customers and prospects, we capture the interaction. We use this information to automatically create opportunity contact roles (OCR) in Salesforce. You’ll get a complete list of every individual involved in a deal and your sales reps won’t need to lift a finger. Since we give you a comprehensive view of all of the contacts engaged in deals, we can break down function and title so that you can zero in on the people who matter. This saves you and your team valuable time by targeting high-value contacts asap.

We also capture every sales activity associated with opportunities. Capturing these activities allow marketers to easily follow up on the leads they’re sending over to the sales org. Having this visibility is both a win for sales and marketing. It gives marketers better data on campaigns that result in closed deals so that they can optimize efforts moving forward. And when deals don’t close, sales and marketing teams can work together to determine if the root cause stemmed from lead quality or poor sales followup.

The Playbook for Marketing to a Remote World

As your team looks for new ways to engage prospects and customers, they need you to lead the way. We developed this playbook to help you do that effectively.

In Out of the Office but Still in the Game: The Marketer’s Playbook for Winning in a Remote World, we share four game-changing plays designed to help your team perform its best—regardless of the external environment.

Download the Full Playbook Now

Download the Marketer’s Playbook

Get all the game-changing plays for marketing to a remote world.

Download the Marketer’s Playbook

Get all the game-changing plays for marketing to a remote world.