Automating Data Capture – IoT for Sales

How Enterprises Can Leverage AI To Capture Trusted and Reliable Data With Automatic Activity Capture for CRM, All While Improving the Sales Rep Experience

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Sellers’ relationship with their CRM is struggling. And the reasons are obvious: the toil is heavy and the value returned is low. It’s no surprise that, when Harvard Business Review asked executives if their CRM is helping their business grow, 90% said “no.” It’s time to flip the script. Imagine a CRM that empowers sales teams with truly actionable insights built to boost revenue, all while requiring zero manual data entry. Imagine a marketing contacts database that continuously stays up to date. Imagine clean, complete, and accurate data that can be used to drive GTM strategy.Join us as we discuss AI-powered automatic activity capture for CRM and how it’s forever changing the game for sales, marketing, and operations teams. We’ll also cover what enterprises can do today to maximize CRM adoption and data quality while driving impactful transformation across the organization. Watch now!


Jesse Dailey VP of Sales Engineering - People.ai Jesse has over 15 years of sales engineering experience and most recently served as Sr. Director, Sales Engineering at Talkdesk. He has spent the better part of his career working closely with strategic enterprise accounts, helping to drive technical success and sustained growth for customers as well as at data-driven, customer-centric companies such as Salesforce and Mixpanel.

Mark Gallant Sr. Director & Former People.ai Customer at PTC - People.ai Mark has over 20 years of experience helping B2B companies transform their marketing and operations, and has held senior roles in marketing, operations, SCM, and IT—many of which focused on digital transformation. Most recently, Mark was at People.ai customer PTC, where he was VP, Customer References & Alliances Marketing. Mark has held a variety of positions at B2B companies such as AspenTech, Stanley Black & Decker, and JD Edwards.
Automating Data Capture – IoT for Sales