Companies are under increasing pressure to identify more revenue opportunities, and its the sales organisation on the front line. The pressure is on to be faster and more effective, but sales reps waste valuable time on customer data management, tracking activity, manually setting SLAs or anything else that means less time to deliver value to the right prospects and customers. Only 20% of activity typically gets recorded in a CRM.

Gainsight approached with a specific goal to help their sales team be more accurate and efficient in predicting and closing new deals. They also wanted a way to bring marketing and sales into closer alignment to be more effective.

Company Challenge

No clear data on sales reps’ individual activities, obstacles, and deal trends. Unreliable forecasting. Lack of visibility between marketing and sales attribution.

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  • Improve forecasting in the sales process to scale the business and win more deals.
  • Gain visibility into sales rep activities to improve productivity and coaching
  • Bridge the gap between sales and marketing for greater effectiveness

Solution insights that automatically track activities, quickly reveal deal trends and key sales rep metrics with robust and reliable data feeding their forecasting tools and process.

Ryan Toben

“People.AI is one of the first tools that can very tangibly help marketing get more aligned with revenue. We care about the efficacy of marketing spend and People.AI gives us the data and ability to support them better.”

Ryan Toben
VP of Revenue Operations, Gainsight


  • 15% increase in sales rep productivity (bookings per rep)
  • 15,000 contacts recovered into Salesforce within 9 months giving marketing visibility into key sales contacts for better targeting
  • Improved forecasting to 90% accuracy per quarter compared to experiencing 40% swings prior to
  • Data through the tool and the Customer Success team highlighted that 94% of Gainsight’s top deals in the year had a meeting scheduled within the last two weeks before closing.
  • Sales reps and managers receive insights on the unique ingredients needed to win deals.
  • Sales reps can focus on proven activities that generate more closed deals – 20% of time back into their day to day activities

The Customer

Gainsight, the Customer Success company, provides a 360 degree view of customers and helps businesses grow faster by reducing churn, increasing upswell, and driving customer advocacy. Their customers include Adobe, Box, DocuSign, HP, Marketo, Nutanix, and Workday.

The Team

Approximately 100 people use the platform; including account executives, sales operations, sales development, marketing and customer success.

The Story

Like many sales organizations, Gainsight struggled to identify and access key data around deal trends, obstacles, and ways to improve forecasting and sales performance. Unable to pinpoint this data, Gainsight needed a trusted resource to aggregate and provide real-time insight into their sales team’s productivity. They also wanted marketing to have greater visibility into how leads were being used by sales and to capture senior-level contacts that sales had that marketing did not have awareness on. helped Gainsight uncover:

  • Sales activities that lead to closed deals
  • How to increase win rates
  • Key obstacles preventing certain types of sales from closing
  • Factors that shorten deal cycles
  • What happens to leads generated by marketing and given to sales

As forecasting improved and became baked in, has started to help marketing serve sales more effectively, to provide key insight for better coaching, and for deal inspections.

Today, Gainsight relies on to help them:

  • Access key metrics with minimal effort
  • Illuminate optimal deal cycles based on solid data
  • Understand how to design the sales cycle to ensure business is won
  • Have meaningful coaching discussions to improve sales rep productivity

How works

The platform automatically compiles sales activity in real-time and delivers actionable insights to improve performance. It captures all sales activity and syncs it with a CRM, giving sales reps 20% of their time back by not having to input data. Pre-built dashboards provide managers real-time insight into sales activities, trends, forecasting, and red flags.

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