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Flushed Your CRM Contacts Down the GDPR Drain?

How to legally recover and get more value from your CRM.

If you’re like many organizations, when the GDPR went into effect you deleted up to 70% of your CRM contacts because you couldn’t prove the consent required by the European Union’s stringent privacy regulations. That’s a massive hit to sales and marketing prospect lists.

But all is not lost. can help you legally recover many of those contacts.*

According to the GDPR, if you can prove prior legitimate interest in storing contact data, you can continue your sales and marketing relationship with those contacts. How? software can go back into your sales reps’ email, calendar, and phone data to determine legitimate interest — if your sales team had a meaningful interaction with the prospect, that’s legitimate interest, compliant with Article 6 of GDPR.

What would recovering all those lost contacts mean to your organization?

  • Marketers have trusted lists and can retarget contacts with a prior relationship that were lost or blacklisted by GDPR.
  • Sales can keep selling to contacts knowing they are not breaking any privacy rules.
  • General counsel gains more compliance visibility (and spends less time worrying about data compliance).

Want to learn how we can help you do this?

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* does not provide legal advice. Consult your legal department to ensure all actions your organization takes fully comply with GDPR.

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