Twenty years ago, sales teams adopted cloud-based CRMs to enable their sales process with better visibility, productivity, effectiveness, and drive overall results. However, most businesses never realized the promise of that ROI. A critical reason for not achieving this hoped-for ROI is that sales reps hate entering data into their CRM and in many cases, spend up to a third of their week manually entering data. It’s a conundrum that isn’t being addressed.

Sales leaders are starting to realize that advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are no longer a “nice to have,” but rather a competitive necessity. Smart sales organizations understand how AI can enable them to move through all stages of a sale with greater information, eliminate manual data entry into their CRM, and gain actionable intelligence that accelerates their book of business.

Hear from Jim Lundy, CEO and Founder of Aragon Research, and John Gilman, Chief Revenue Officer of, in this recorded webinar on the shift to Revenue Intelligence and how sales organizations can gain a competitive advantage through artificial intelligence

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The key trends that are driving sales enablement
  • The role of AI and other technologies play in how sales organizations transform and achieve higher levels of performance
  • What Revenue Operations is, and how Revenue Intelligence fits into the process
  • How sales organizations can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging a Revenue Intelligence model


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